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Bridal Shoes Experience is a collective of wedding experts, organizers and suppliers who understand how one special day in your life can bring you one lifetime’s worth of happiness. Our main goal is to provide engaged couples with an opportunity to become stress-free and through free information and our list of suppliers.

Weddings are always a grand opportunity, a great generator of interest and source of income for an industry that now specializes in it. From caterers to wedding organizers and stylists and photographers and of course, designers, weddings year in and year out have provided handsome profits for any number of professionals. Providers and suppliers of designer wedding gowns, designer bridal shoes and designer wedding cakes and décor always are trying to outdo each other in terms of presentation and new ideas. For designers, there are a lot to provide for; members of an entourage can number nearly up to tens or even a hundred participants, depending on how grand the ceremony.

bridal wedding shoes

Image from graeme cameron photography via flickr

The long walk down the church aisle can be seen as a veritable fashion show, with families and friends of both bride and groom as the audience. In recent years, we have seen a spate of variations on the wedding entourage fashions and traditions. From the music played to dress motifs and venues, modern couples have taken to different, highly individual takes on the wedding ceremony. So why not do the same variations with shoes Designer bridal shoes can also mean dyeable shoes, painted and colored to the individual whims of the bride, groom or any of the members of the entourage.

We strongly believe that once a couple gets engaged, they should be thrilled to make that meaningful lifetime union from day 1 to the dawn of that special day (and even after) – and not have to worry about logistics so much that when you say “I DO”, the love doesn’t get “lost in translation“.