Wedding Accessories

Assessing the Quality of Your Diamond

Diamonds are considered to be the most sought-after gemstones. It is also the most popular precious stone used in the jewellery business today, because of its spell-bounding aura and great brilliance that never failed to captivate any woman who had set eyes on it. Now that you are about to propose marriage to the love(…)

Diamond Engagement Ring Cuts That Are Popular with Women

Being able to get hold and wear most perfect diamond engagement rings is a real big deal when it comes to us women. This is because most of us have been deeply fascinated with diamonds for decades. Diamonds have a mysterious way of sweeping off our feet and we just cannot say no when someone(…)

Effortless Ways to Keep Your Diamond Ring Looking Like Brand New

A diamond is the most precious stone in our planet. So if you have one in your possession, consider yourself lucky because not all people can afford to buy a diamond. It is a fact that investing in a diamond involves a lot of cash that is why you need to take extra care of(…)

Why Your Engagement Should Never be a Surprise

We’ve all seen viral videos of women getting swept off their feet by their significant other surprising them with what possibly is the best gift ever: an engagement ring. What if I told you that there is actually a better way to getting an engagement ring and that is to not be surprised about it.(…)

Fancy Something Different? Try an Antique Engagement Ring

If you’re considering an antique engagement ring, go for it. For starters, antique rings are simply beautiful, cost-effective and ecologically sound. What’s more, they usually come with a bit of history or a great story. Antique engagement rings in Sydney can be a stunning choice, even for the modern bride. Here are the advantages. Antique(…)