Wedding Shoes

How to choose Perfect Wedding Shoes

Hello Im Ellie, and Im Charlotte, and we run a bridal boutique in south west London called Ellie and Charlotte. We have been making wedding dresses for almost 10 years and we are going to show you some of our top tips on finding your perfect dress and accessorising. I’m going to talk to you(…)

Bridal Sandals

Everything is scrutinized for its design, its metaphysical significance, its forebodings of good or bad luck, nearly anything at all. But the even better phrase that would hopefully end all of this to and fro with tradition and hidden meanings would be the phrase that comes after “….something blue” – that is, ‘something new’. Now(…)

Wedding Shoes

Ivory is back as the wedding colour to have on your wedding day, this classic and classy colour is always up there in competition for most suitable wedding attire and right now it is as hot as it has ever been. Of course to go with those stylish clothes you are gong to need some(…)

Wedding Sandals

Birthdays, weddings, inaugurations, bar mitzvahs, dedications, baptisms, graduations or any other special event held in the company of family and dear friends are always more memorable when everyone gets well into the spirit of things. Almost always, it’s up to the principals, the bride and groom, or the celebrants to set the mood and make(…)