Being able to get hold and wear most perfect diamond engagement rings is a real big deal when it comes to us women. This is because most of us have been deeply fascinated with diamonds for decades. Diamonds have a mysterious way of sweeping off our feet and we just cannot say no when someone propose to us with a beautiful, brilliant diamond engagement ring.

Diamond Engagement Ring Cuts

The cut is a very crucial deciding factor when it comes to buying diamond engagement rings in Brisbane, for example. It refers to a diamond’s reflective value as it determines the amount of light bounced back to onlookers. There are basically 10 different cuts, but we have rounded the top 5 women’s favourite diamond engagement ring cuts.

1. Round Brilliant Cut – 75 percent of the diamonds sold in the market are round diamonds. This cut is extremely popular with women because it is timeless and versatile. It has 58 facets that make light reflect from the bottom through the top, thus giving it a brilliant sparkle.

2. Princess Cut – This cut is perfect for fun and flirty girls. Depending on the diamond’s size, the princess cut diamond has about 49 to 144 intricate facets. More facets mean more sparkle.

3. Cushion Cut – Also known as pillow cut, it provides an immaculate brilliance and clarity due to its rounded corners and larger facets. The cushion cut has been around for about 200 years and is considered to be an antique cut. Modern cushion cut provides a crushed ice appearance while the old ones feature a broad fire glitter.

4. Asscher Cut – Although often mistaken for an emerald cut due to it identical cut, the Asscher cut has a stunning square shape, giving it a beautiful and melodramatic appearance. It is popular with women who love antique and vintage style.

5. Emerald Cut – This cut is popular with women who love glamour. It has a rectangular shape with long and slim facets that features the diamond’s clarity and colour better than any cuts.

Now that you are familiar with the top 5 most popular diamond cuts, you and your man are ready to get into a mission of finding the cut that suits perfectly with your taste. Find a reliable and trusted diamond jewellery dealer the the Diamond Jewellery Studio in Brisbane features elegant collections that include your favourite cut.