Privacy Policy

Bridal Wedding Shoes is obligated to help protect and preserve the privacy its visitors. This Privacy Policy explains how it treats personal data and other pertinent communication information from its visitors when they visit its web site.

Bridal Wedding Shoes may edit or modify its Privacy Policy. It urges its visitors to check its Privacy Policy for some updates, if any.

Information From Users

Bridal Wedding Shoes may get data from its visitors:

– Information about the visitor’s use of the web site. This might include the pages visited, traffic data, location data, and other details of the visitor’s usage.

– Information that the visitor willingly gave Bridal Wedding Shoes. This might happen when the visitor filled forms to register, subscribe, or answer survey.

– Information that the visitor sends to Bridal Wedding Shoes by any means.


Cookies help make available the data about the computer being used by the visitor to the web site of Bridal Wedding Shoes. It may use cookies, when appropriate, to get information to aid in maintaining and enhancing the web site of Bridal Wedding Shoes.

Cookies will be downloaded on the hard drive of the visitor’s computer when cookies are activated. The information gathered by the cookies will not include personal details of the visitors. The only personal details received by Bridal Wedding Shoes will be those directly given by the visitor.

The information collected by Bridal Wedding Shoes will only be used for statistical data only.

Visitors may be able to block cookies from being saved in their hard drive. Just change the settings of the browser so that cookies won’t be saved in the computer. But remember that visitors who do this won’t be able to access all the pages of this web site.

Advertisers of Bridal Wedding Shoes may activate cookies when their ads are clicked in any of the pages of this web site. Bridal Wedding Shoes does not control the web sites of its advertisers.