We’ve all seen viral videos of women getting swept off their feet by their significant other surprising them with what possibly is the best gift ever: an engagement ring. What if I told you that there is actually a better way to getting an engagement ring and that is to not be surprised about it.

engagement surprise

Image by JHucksPhotog via Flickr

Think about it, what if he surprised you with an engagement and it turns out that you don’t like the ring he got you? Wouldn’t that be a disaster? You wouldn’t want to reject him either because it’d be shallow to say no to him just for a ring.

This is why it’s better to have a non-surprising engagement ring. Not only do you get the pick of the type of engagement ring that you like, you also get to discuss with each other how much the ring should cost. Once you’ve discussed budget and style, you can now go together and start shopping for diamond engagement rings in Melbourne.

I personally think it’s much more fun to go shopping for engagement rings with your fiancé rather than skip all the fun and hope that he gets you the ring that you want.